Red Sonja & Vampirella Return to Cosplay Cover Form in September

I’m still not massively digging Dynamite’s recent pervy cosplay variant covers, but there’s some signs of life in September with Red Sonja and Vampirella in particular.

Mother, Part One sees Mirka Andolfo with a new ongoing Red Sonja series, where she’s on a wild journey with a mysterious tattooed child she finds in a burning village.

The cosplay cover brings us back to a more traditionally equipped Red Sonja than we’ve often seen of late, although I’m a bit disappointed by some rogue blur in her nether regions; hopefully the final cut sorts that out!

Some nice regular covers available too!

Moving elsewhere among the cast of Dynamite, there’s a bunch of Vampirella, including the new time and space head-fuck Vampiverse, but for sheer hotness I’m favouring plain old Vampirella #24 and a return to a more athletic form.

As always, Dynamite is delivering a ton of other cosplay goodness from all your favourites, with even more Red Sonja and Vampirella, plus Dejah Thoris, Barbarella and Bettie Page too. Enjoy!

Bela Dimitrescu by Helly von Valentine, Of Course! (NSFW)

Even more Helly Valentine for you this time, but a day new twist on the very naked Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu cosplay we’ve covered before (here).

Now, as much as I appreciate a bit of vampiric sauce, I didn’t go nuts about Lady Dimitrescu – she looks like all goth girls when they get too old for slutty PVC and start looking like they’re in a 1950’s jazz bar instead. Her insect daughters, on the other hand…

I reckon a bit of Bela Dimitrescu suits a bit of Helly Valentine more too, so check these beauties out!

Right, I did say NSFW, so here’s the big one, but first, be sure to check out everything else Helly does here.

And one more special bonus to make up for me being very lazy with creating lazy posts here for a while – Helly von Valentine’s new take on super-MILF Lady Dimitrescu, but with a not so subtle burlesque twist!

Helly von Valentine With More Priceless Zelda (NSFW)

She got impressive form in many areas, but Princess Zelda is one of my favourites – check this out if you’re unaware of Helly Valentine’s previous work!

Anyway, to celebrate Breath of the Wild 2’s latest gameplay reveal at E3 2021 earlier this week, here’s another couple of reveals! And be sure to check out everywhere she is for even more!

Hot and Sweaty Tifa Lockhart by Nic the Pixie

To celebrate Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to PlayStation Plus this month, we’d better get some more Tifa cosplay out there, and this time we’re exploring a very athletic, hot, sweaty take on her by Nic the Pixie, aka Nichameleon.

Check out her Twitter profile for all the other links you need, @Nichameleon!

May 2021 Vampirella and Red Sonja Cosplay Covers

For once we’ve got the jump on some Dynamite’s freshly announced cosplay variant covers for Vampirella and Red Sonja’s for all six of their May releases, including Vampirella #21, Vengeance of Vampirella #18, The Invincible Red Sonja #1, Sonjaversal #4, Red Sonja: The Superpowers #5 and Red Sonja #27. Enjoy…

Custom Cakes For Your Bleeding Anus

That is literally all I’ve got to offer you here – a “My Anus is Bleeding” cake! But you never know when you’ll need one, so at the very least it’s good to know they exist…

Ireland Reid is Even More Lady Dimitrescu

We’ve seen the marvellous Helly von Valentine’s take on Resident Evil Village’s (or am I supposed to call it Resident Evil 8 or VII or VIILage…) Lady Dimitrescu (here), and whilst it’s not quite as saucy, Ireland Reid’s take is just as busty! Full works on her Only Fans page here, but have a preview…

Nic The Pixie Super Hot Tifa Lockhart Cosplay

Nic the Pixie is a master of transformation, and also a master of hot, and combined we’ve got a classic set of Final Fantasy 7 Tifa Lockhart slutted-up cosplay!

Turns out she does a pretty mean more traditional Tifa too…

Check out Nic on Twitter, @Nichameleon, where she gets a bit fruitier than Instagram allows!

Helly von Valentine Nails Naked Lady Dimitrescu (NSFW)

As big a fan I am of Helly von Valentine / Disharmonica, and as utterly excited about Resident Evil Village, I’m not sure this is her finest work, although her finest work does eventually make everything right! I don’t know, it’s not screaming Resident Evil at me – more hottest girl at the wedding!

Anyway, you can get your filthy mitts on the full hi-res set at Helly’s Patreon page here, where this Lady Dimitrescu shoot is her February 2021 exclusive set. And here’s a preview…

Vengeance of Vampirella #15 – Back With a Vengeance!

Not sure why, but until this week’s Vengeance of Vampirella offering I’ve not been massively inspired by this or any other of the recent Dynamite cosplay variant covers that I’ve enjoyed perving over here in the past!

Issue 15 restores balance to the busty, skimpy, red and white force of beyond nature though, not just with a fantastic, back to form

Straight from mouth of Dynamite, the mystery of Adam Van Helsing’s return intensifies, as Vampirella continues to struggle with the bestial side of her nature. Mistress Nyx realizes that Vampirella isn’t the only enemy she should be concerned about. And Lord Mazarin embraces his gift from the Lords of Chaos and the world slips that much closer towards oblivion.

Cool story, and there’s a really nice set of other covers to enjoy this month too… I really like the last one below – reminds me of Castlevania!